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May 31st
viagra discounts
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Viducate Network | June 2012 Newsletter
viagra discounts Viducate Network | June 2012 Newsletter
viagra discounts 2012-06-29 09:09:01
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viagra discounts
If you cannot read this email properly please click Viagra discounts » Approved Canadian Pharmacy ::: Canadian pharmacy.

A warm welcome to many new teachers who have been part of our workshops and online and offline courses from the last eight weeks especially in Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey and, of course, Berlin. It was exciting to work with you and I hope that we will stay in touch!

This last newsletter before the summer break comes with many more event dates, videos, resources and updates from our new partner projects. I hope there will be something useful in it for you. The online sessions will continue in September. Let us know if you want to join us then.

Summer greetings to all of you,



Video of the month: viagra discounts

A video from one of our teacher training workshops in Momchilovtsi / Bulgaria (vocational training sector tourism). Teachers explored basic video production ideas to help their students to create and understand media messages. The example was part of a series of animated postcards to promote the Smolyan region.

You will get this info if you have subscribed to previous news from us, if you have been part of our EU courses, projects or events or if you have expressed an interest to stay in touch. If this reaches you without your consent then we would like to apologise and would be grateful if you would unsubscribe with the link at the bottom of the page.

viagra discounts
Kulturring in Berlin e.V.
Ernststr. 14-16
12437 Berlin

We are involved in three new European projects with chances to include video education. Check them out when you have a moment:
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viagra discounts

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