Feb 23rd
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Viducate events


January, 17th: video presentation at Crealle meeting
Jury's Inn, Southampton, UK

March, 9th: video presentation at  Crealle meeting
Best Western City, Sofia, BG

March, 13th - 17th: BUFF Film Festival
Malmö, SE

April, 18th: video presentation at  Crealle meeting
French Cultural Institute, Naples, IT 

May 2th - 4th: re:publica 2012
Berlin, Germany

May, 14th - 16th: video workshop for vocational teachers
work&VET, Bolu, Turkey

May, 21st - 25th: Viducate European teacher training course 

May, 23th - 25th: Milid Week: Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue
Barcelona, ES

May, 25th: video presentation at Crealle meeting
GLS Centre, Berlin, DE

June, 6th & 7th, video workshop for the Work&VET project
Momchilovtsi, BG

June, 12th - 16th, Golden Beggar
Local Television Festival, Kosice, SK

November, 14th & 15th: Media and Learning
Brussels, BE



March, 17th: GIZ Conference Berlin
Auf zu mehr Wissen: Medien machen Schule

March, 15th - 19th
Viducate workshop at the Malmö Buff Festival

March, 24th/25th: Keine Bildung ohne Medien
Congress Berlin

April, 1st: eTwinning Workshop, eTwinning Conference and Camp,
Budapest, HU

May, 5th/6th: viducate University education / vocational training workshop, Barcelona
ITES / University of Barcelona

May, 6th: viducate secondary school workshop: Kelmscott, London

June, 8th - 11th, Golden Beggar, Local Television Festival, Kosice, SK

June, 16th - 17th, International conference: The future of Education
Florence, Italy

October,13th - 15th, Segovia, ES
viducate presentation and workshop

October,  19th-21st: Viducate Forum within the 2011 Media Literacy Award
Vienna, Austria

November, 24th & 25th: Media and Learning Conference Brussels  : viducate presentation

November 30th - December 2nd: Online Educa Berlin
viducate lab


February 19th & 20th, Nicosia, CY
Viducate planning meeting

March, 12th March, Berlin, DE
Fachtagung: "Medienbildung - Vernetzung in der Praxis"

May 13th & 14th Seville, ES
Congress "Media literacy and digital cultures"

May, 17th, Segovia, ES
Seminar "'Breaking out and fitting in - Strategic uses of digital literacy"

May, 17th - 21st, Berlin, DE
Viducate European teacher training course 

June, 9th - 12th, Golden Beggar, Local Television Festival, Kosice, SK
Viducate presentation 

October 1st & 2nd, Berlin, DE
Viducate Forum

October 20th - 22nd: Vienna
Media Literacy Award

November 19th-20th: London, UK
Media Literacy Conference MLC

November, 20th: Berlin, DE
A soul for Europe Conference

November 25th-26th: Brussels, BE
Media and Learning Conference

December, 1st - 3rd December, Berlin, DE
Online Educa Berlin

December, 1st - 3rd December, Berlin, DE
Vision Kino 10: Film - Kompetenz - Bildung

December, 2nd & 3rd December: Brussels, BE
Media Literacy for All



Febuary 12th - 15th, Segovia, ES
Viducate planning meeting

May, 11th-15th, Berlin, DE
Viducate European teacher training course

June, 17th - 20th, Golden Beggar, Local Television Festival, Kosice, SK
Viducate presentation

September 18th & 19th, Vilnius, LT
Viducate Forum and Teacher Training event

October, 21st - 24th, Second European Congress of Media Literacy, Bellaria, IT
Viducate presentation

October 30th - November 1st 2009, CARN International Conference, Athens, GR
Viducate presentation

November 4th - 6th, Media Literacy Award, Vienna, AT
Partner event

December 3rd Online Educa Berlin, DE
Viducate presentation at Online Educa exhibition





Viducate Videos

Viducate, Robert Ferguson