Jan 18th
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The latest news from the Logmedia Interactive Team

video for all

video for all

The European Video for ALL educational project is a European project that will bring together all current methodologies, ideas and innovative practices to teach and learn languages by integrating digital video.


The project will build a comprehensive repository of how every type of video, language practice through templates that will describe the practice with examples of usage. A single video practice could be used at more than one level and examples of use will be created for the needs of the different language learners, defined by age and CEFR levels. ‘How to’ videos will be produce that show how teachers and students can use and make their own videos. Many of the practices will be piloted with teachers from multiple levels of language education (primary and secondary schools, adult and university) to ensure quality.

The project will build accessibility and use to allow educators to understand which practices can be used by:

  • Age of students (primary, secondary, university, adult learners)
  • CEFR levels (A1-C2)
  • Type of usage (inside/outside the classroom, Internet, hand-held cameras, screen capture tools, etc.)

Video for ALL will create an In-service teacher training course for teachers to learn how to use video as a basic tool for language teaching as well as understanding the pedagogic value and uses.


vidusign news

vidusign news

A new European initiative has just started - vidusign.
vidusign will explore the crative use of video for deaf people.

You can connect with vidusign on facebook:
or find more infos on the just published web:

Viducate Network

The viducate network - an initiative to promote video education across all educational sectors in Europe.

Our vision is: "Viducate is concerned with the development of active citizenship in intercultural contexts at all levels of formal and informal education. Video and multimedia form the core of this non-prescriptive pedagogy of production in the information society."


Welcome to viducate - the team presentation from the kick-off meeting in Segovia / Spain in 2009.

Viducate Videos

Viducate, Robert Ferguson